Monday, June 7, 2010

Master Baking Class

After putting my DSLR into auto focus and full automatic mode, my sister was more than capable of taking this series of photos, since I was mostly elbow deep in flour. And on to the post . . .

In addition to learning how to make focaccia, I also learned how to make Bill's stuffed buns. While the original recipe calls for them to be filled with crab meat, Bill uses an awesome mixture of barbecue pulled pork and shredded cheese.

The real secret is pre-measuring the filling so the assembly works like a . . . well, assembly line.

And the egg wash with a sprinkle of sea salt really finishes them off. Plus, they freeze really well so they're packable for lunches.

Is packable a word? Hang on . . .

Yes. Yes it is.


  1.'re bringing in some for me to try, right!?

  2. First another man's meat, now another man's buns. Dude, you are just out of control...

  3. Officially the most delicious snack on Earth! Thanks TD!!