Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mars Cheese Castle

We left Milwaukee Monday morning and headed back to Chicago, but made a quick stop at the Mars' Cheese Castle in Kenosha, just off the I-94 freeway. It looked a lot more impressive than it was, and with the exception of some rather unique cheese products, wasn't all that exciting. And since I was leaving the following day and only had carry-on luggage, I wasn't going to run the risk of some glassy-eyed TSA agent making me dump the cheese or mustard I wanted in the trash. 'Cause "frying cheese" certainly piqued my interest . . .


  1. I would say, "Hey TSA agent, hands off! That's nacho cheese!" Get it, not yo (nacho) cheese?!?! Oh yeah, I said it.

  2. Oh yes, I got it and yes, I laughed out loud