Thursday, September 2, 2010

San Francisco Food Review #1

After eating only ballpark food my first night in San Francisco, I decided to try some of the local restaurants surrounding AT&T Park the following day. I had passed Burger Joint walking back to my hotel the previous night and made it my first stop of the day, just after they opened.

Prices weren't bad, $12 for a cheeseburger, fries, and a draft Anchor Steam - about what you'd expect to pay in the heart of the city. The burger was ok, but the "Niman Ranch Natural Angus Beef" burger didn't taste much different than one of the higher end burgers here in L.A. from say, The Counter or Father's Office.

The draft beer was ice cold, and had very little head, rare for the first pull of the day. Seemed a bit smaller than the advertised "pint," but maybe that's just me.

Veggies were way fresh, especially the in-season tomato, but there was too much red onion, which threatened to overpower everything else.

The french fries were BY FAR the weakest part of the whole plate. Woefully undercooked to the point of being mushy, they were saturated in oil and limp. Hardly worth the effort . . .

All in all, Burger Joint rates a C-.

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