Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art Project

This is for reader Chicago Dave (who's married to Margie), and is my source for all things Cubs-related.

My boss and I are both baseball fans and like taking stadium panoramas whenever we go to games. Since our offices are right across from one another, we decided to create our own custom art installation with pictures we've shot ourselves (see above). He took the top and bottom ones (Dodger and old Yankee Stadium, respectively) and I took the one in the middle (new Busch in St. Louis).

But we have another blank wall in need of some . . . "enhancements." We've looked at Fatheads (blech, too expensive) and other pre-made artwork, but then got the brilliant idea to create an out-of-town baseball scoreboard with the standings of all six divisions that could be updated daily. I made a quick mock-up (see below), and we're going to proceed slowly as not to offend those with non-baseball sensibilities.

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